The new Polish diaspora initiative, which is the Economic Union of Poles in the World (PPUG), aroused the interest of the Illinois Comptroller, Susana Mendoza. Agnieszka Maćkówka, VP of PPUG, presented the idea of the Union and the benefits that American companies joining the PPUG can count on.

Susana Mendoza expressed interest in the initiative and assured her support:

– I see new opportunities for the development of American businesses operating in Illinois in the Economic Union of Poles in the World. It’s
actually an interesting and valuable initiative that can help entrepreneurs grow their international business and enter new markets. – said the Illinois Comptroller.

Agnieszka Maćkówka, in turn, talked about the benefits of membership in the Union:

– We provide our members with proven business tools in the areas of law, taxes, accounting, advertising and marketing, among others. Thus, we are building a cooperation platform for hundreds of Polish and Polish diaspora companies and organizations, gathering thousands of entrepreneurs operating all over the world – assured the VP of PPUG at the meeting.

Agnieszka Maćkówka came to the United States to promote the activites of the Economic Union of Poles in the World. She took part in meetings with Polish diaspora organizations and held many conversations with Polish and American entrepreneurs, as well as investors form Chicago and Cleveland (Ohio), presenting opportunities for cooperation and the benefits of membership in the Union. At the same time, a large-scale media campaign was launched to promote the Economic Union of Poles in the World in the media in Chicago and New York.

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