We invite natural persons who can boast of significant achievements in various fields of economics, international economy, law, trade, management, accounting, international relations, as well as linguists, journalists, advertising and marketing specialists, etc.

By joining our Association you become part of a global community of experts cooperating on international projects implemented by the Union. It is not only prestige, new acquaintances and experiences, but above all, the opportunity to make an international career.

If you are a person with expert knowledge in a given field and at the same time open to new professional challenges, join us and become an expert of the Economic Union of Poles in the World.

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The Polish Economic Embassies, which are foreign branches of the Economic Union of Poles in the World, form an international network of advice and promotion centres. Their goal is to promote cooperation between the Polish diaspora community on all continents and use that potential in developing business models and ideas.

We are opening the Polish Economic Embassies in all European Union countries as well as in the United States and Canada, but also in South America, Africa, Australia and Asia, including Arab countries and former Soviet republics.

The facilities are being launched in cooperation with local business environment organizations, which are managed by the Polish diaspora. The functioning of Embassies is mainly based on structures, experiences and contacts of local chambers of commerce, which already have a long history of activity. They are often the only representative of Polish diaspora business in a given country. Their potential and range of interests guarantee the effective implementation of Union’s goals and objectives from the very beginning.

Find out what conditions the organization must meet in order to be able to open the Polish Economic Embassy and what benefits that organization can count on.



We are caring for our members at all levels of business making, and at the same time we provide them with business solutions that allows them to launch its products or services on international markets. Union members receive our full support at every investment stage, and at all times they control who they direct their product or services to, how much they will sell and also how much they can earn on it.

Every entrepreneur that joins the Union and becomes a member can use many services dedicated to companies, rendered at preferential prices. Our Business Services Bundle consists of specialist advices and services for business in the areas of” law, taxes, accounting, investment processes, production optimization, commercial negotiations, arbitration, mediation, due diligence, business coaching, as well as advertising, marketing and public relations.

At the same time, we register and run companies, branches and representative offices for our members, provide ongoing corporate services, conduct market research, write business plans and evaluate business potential of the offer on selected markets. We also carry out risk assessment of investments, organize business missions, run service and support for fairs, as well as organizing B2B meetings.

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Economic patriotism and preservation of Polish identity is the message we stand by with a sense of compliance with high ethical, social and business standards. 


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